Are you desperately seeking awesome content?

Everyone talks about Awesome Content as if it’s a miracle cure for business. Are you feeling the pressure to create it? 

If only we ‘had some’.

Do you even know what it is?

Are you stuck at: Where do I find it? What does it look like? What do I write about? How do I create ‘it’? How do I know what works?

Image of old typewriter with the message: creative ways to create your own Awesome Content

How to create your own Awesome Content

Content Marketing Hype or Magic Cure?

You know there’s a lot of hype about marketing. Phrases like Awesome Content make many DIY content creators question if there is some secret ingredient or magic formula they are missing.

I found some Awesome Content. It was hiding in plain sight. At K Mart.

How did I know it was Awesome Content?

It delivered for me, a customer, effectively and efficiently, exactly what I needed, when I needed it, to make a purchase.

I was racing home on a Saturday and needed to pick up just one thing to complete a project and make a deadline. I wanted to know exactly what time the store closed.

Reliably know.

Not check it online reliable. You know-you get there and find out the site hadn’t been updated to say they were closed early for their once-a-year stocktake.

So I rang the store.

I watched the clock and held my breath and expected to get the recorded message: “Your call is important to us…”

You know what it is to get that message.

Instead, what I got was Awesome Content.

Capital AC.

The recorded message said: “This store is currently open. It will close at 5.30pm today, Sat 9 November. Tomorrow, it will open at 9am and close at 5pm. For assistance with Lay-By Press 1…”

We’ve all stood in a queue at the refund desk at K Mart, and watched the stressed lone employee trying to triage the line of customers and incessantly ringing phone.

And when they do pick up, they quickly say – Can you hold please?

Then, magically, one day, it happened.


K Mart looked at what all those callers were asking.

They identified customer headaches. All those questions that kept coming.

Prioritised them. And found a strategy to address them.

A solution for the clients.

And a more efficient use of staff time and skills.

Do you dream of being released from answering the same boring questions over and over?

Now that move’s gotta be good for staff morale.

Closes in 20 minutes? Yes, I can make it.

Awesome Content? Yeah.

Here’s one recipe for Awesome Content you can mix up right now:
  • Awesome is relative to your business.
  • Awesome needs a bit of perspective.
  • Awesome can be very, very practical.
  • Awesome is right under your nose.

What is Awesome Content for your customers today?

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