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JR Media, Jessica Rickets
JR Media, Jessica Rickets

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Vicki Yen Social Media Advantage
Vicki Yen Image Branding Social Media

Jessica Ricketts is the Principal of a dynamic Facebook Marketing Agency: JR Media

New business, new image, new reach.

Watch out for JR Media's new website.

Wendy Bailye Artisan
Wendy Bailye Contemporary Artisan Feltmaker

Wendy Bailye

Internationally renown Felt Artist

"Felt making is a simple process, yet its applications can be as complex as I desire.

It is this amazing alchemical process and is also this beautiful simple combining of material.

Felt making is my passion.

I love it, I dream about felt, I lose myself in it and I find myself in it."


Samford textile felt artist Wendy Bailye

Create your own PERSONAL IMAGE LIBRARY for social media.

Wendy Bailye feltmaker-Vicki Yen Photo

Wendy Bailye-Vicki Yen Photo

Anne Noonan Yoga Forever


Yoga. Fitness. Nutrition. Wellness Coach

My Mission is to help women realise they can age brilliantly.

Be beautiful with strong healthy hearts and limbs, great skin, hair, nails, fashion sense.

And have a sensualness about them right into their later years.

Custom Images for unique branding. Yoga Pilates Strength Fitness photos
Custom Images for unique branding. Yoga Pilates Strength Fitness photos
Yoga fitness photography
Yoga fitness photography

Creating a vital Personal Image Brand.

Energy. Vitality. Creativity.

And a personal image library for an active social media presence.

Social Media Advantage. Custom images of you
Yoga fitness photography

Bonnie Cunial

Fabulous Physical Fun Pilates and Fitness Studio

" Fitter. Stronger. More fabulous.

And a high probability of a social coffee afterwards."

Bonnie Cunial, Fabulous Fitness Fun Pilates
Bonnie Cunial, Fabulous Fitness Fun Pilates
Vicki Yen photographs small business

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Samford art trails artist Janina


Margaret Collier  Samford Artist Art Trail