Vicki Yen Photo, photographer, Credibility Specialist



Photography. Content creation, and the strategy that pulls them together.

Unearth your strengths. Reveal your credibility.

I love to work with start-ups, micro Business owners + small Business Owners 

Creative Content + Strategy

It's time to get clear about what you want to achieve.


Maximise every tool. Every Option. Every contact to build your credibility.

Then market that.

Are you building your own Leaning Tower of Pisa with your marketing budget?

Communications Mentor

        Stop Marketing.

        Start Communicating.

  • Are you amplifying a message your clients don't want to hear?

Your Results Depend On Content Performance

Here’s a performance enhancing tip:

What do your clients love about you?

And why isn't your website full of it?

It's time to see your business from a whole new perspective.

Exquisite Photography

        Women Mean Business

  • New business. New Image. New energy. 
  • Image Branding, Web Updates, Revive your Presence
  • Create Your Social Media Advantage
  • Claim your identity in the Speakers Circuit
  • Make a statement in the Coaching and Mentor space
VickiYen Photo Image Branding

 Photography. Fitness Inspired. Fabulous Over 40

Fitness Inspired Images.

  • Yoga, pilates, strength, fitness, power, joy.
  • Life.


Fab Over 40 Yoga fitness photos

Unearth The Strengths Your Clients Love


Vicki Yen Photo Brisbane Women mean Business
Vicki Yen Photo Brisbane Women mean Business

I'm not a techie person.

I'm a communications person.

A big picture person.


Creative Content Strategy.


Custom Images.



Creating Resources and Opportunities. 



Here's your Five Steps to Credibility: 

  1.  Be clear about what you want to achieve.
  2.  Unearth your greatest strength.
  3.  Create a consistent message.
  4.  Solve the problems that really matter to your dream client.
  5.  Discover Timing. Delivering the right message. At the right time. Using the right tool.

You're developing a consistent client experience.


That's building credibility.

Everyone tells you to create awesome content to establish and maintain credibility.

They just don't tell you how to do it.

Do you have a marketing log jam?

You know something's not working.

But what?

Vicki Yen Photo flexible service on location
Small business needs flexible solutions and service

Fitness inspired Photography

Designed for the Fabulous Woman Over 40

What small business owners are saying

Content strategy, planning and creation
Content strategy, planning and creation


I’ve been doing my own marketing for 24 years. 

Vicki saw my business from a new perspective, and our new website shows it.

Our clients and suppliers love it.

Chris Jarvis, Chris Jarvis Bathroom Renovations

Art speaks an International language
Art speaks an International language


Big shout out and thanks for the great photo shoot in my studio today. Really happy with the outcome.

It is always confronting having pictures done and Vicki made it easy and fun. She is great to work with and you will get a wonderful result. 

Wendy Bailye, The Felt Studio


Pilates teacher demonstrating pose with midlife clients
Humanise your website


Vicki has a way of explaining that makes the content process so easy to understand.

And we love the photos.

Bonnie Cunial, Fabulous Physical Fun, Pilates and Personal Training

Your Marketing Results are Telling You Something Needs to Change. But What?

Vicki Yen-creates Content for small business

Do you know what are you actually saying to your clients?

The problem is in your message.

I can spot it. 

It's time for content that shows your strengths.

Words. Copy. Images.

And a strategy that pulls it all together. 

Makes sense of it all.



Content first. Communicate first. Then market it. 

Vicki Yen content enabler for small business

I see a lot of small businesses sitting on a hidden goldmine of content-your own strengths.

And you just don't recognise it.

Is this you? How would you know?

Where is your content taking you?

Vicki Yen content enabler



It's time to find your strengths.

They're sitting just below the surface.

It's time to unlock them.

Polish them up. 

Repackage the ideas.


The First Step?

Book your free 30 Minute Find Your Missing Link -  Discover Hardworking Content Session 

Yes, it's no obligation.


Are you a DIY content creator?

  • Time to focus specifically on your business.
  • Rethink the core message you are sharing.
  • What can a different perspective offer?
  • Do you know all the subtleties and strategies corporate communications projects use to unlock your marketing flow?


This practical, action-oriented chat might just be the kickstart you need.


Let's get the RETHINK STARTED. *I only keep 2 time slots available most weeks.


It's not just about creating more and more content.

Find the link to make your content more efficient.

Powerup your own DIY Marketing

Have you got lazy content?

Would you even know?

Are you sitting on a goldmine of content and just don't recognise it?

I'll find your Content Gems for you.

Attract more leads

It's one thing to have your great business ideas.

But it's a different skillset to transform them into words, images and tools that work hard for you.

Get hardworking content.

Convert More. Isn't that what really want?

Working hard for your leads?

Then what?

  • Do you lose them at hello?
  • How many opt-ins just opt out?
  • How many quotes just never call back?

On it's own, generating leads is not the miracle cure.

Stop marketing. Start Communicating.

Does this sound like you?

Created your own website?




You want clients to find you so you've put together a website.

Just get in and do it is the daily theme in your business.

It can't be that hard, right?

Are you missing out on clients because you are making the biggest mistakes DIY marketers make?

How would you know?

Let's take a look.

I've found a great website template - but...




Web templates are brilliant. Great value. Perfect for small business. (This is one.)

Layout. Colour. Flow. All done. Content Management System (CMS) essential.

Until you realise 2 key things:

  1. What am I going to put on this site? Images. Words. Message. Where will I find all this stuff?
  2. And, the dangerous one: WOW. Look what I can do with the CMS. 

I'll just add in a few things ... and change this ...and...

I've spent my Web budget with a professional, but it's still not delivering


It's time to step back.

Web writers and IT designers are such clever people, but they work with ideas and briefs you give them.

So many small business owners use a key message that basically is:

  • This is what we do. PICK ME.

So you don't realise exactly Why your dream clients choose you, love working with you, and keep recommending you.

  • And that's the key message to feature on your site.
  • That's efficient content - your Content Gems.


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Everybody tells you to create awesome content.

They just don't tell you how.

Discover Hardworking Content

This practical, action-oriented chat might just be the kickstart you need.

Everybody tells you to create content.

They just don't tell you how.

Is Your Home Page Copy Killing Your Business?


There's ATTRACT. And then there's CONVERT

Everybody tells you to create content.

They just don't tell you how.

Content does a lot of different jobs for you.

Here's just 2 of them:

Content does a lot of different jobs for you.

Here's 2 of them:

Even Olympic athletes have a performance coach to find that extra % that will push them to the top.


Make it high performance content.

Delivering results you can measure.

How do you create content that converts

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