The Credibility Specialist 

photography, Copywriting

Content Strategy and Social Media

for small Business Owners and Start-Ups

The Credibility Specialist 

photography, Copywriting

Content Strategy and Social Media

for small Business Owners and Start-Ups

It's time for the people who really get you, to find you.

I love to work with heart-centered solo entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners. 

Are you ready?

Time to show your strengths and your value. Your credibility.

You know something is missing.

But what?

I'll show you. I can see it. I can find it.

  • What's the secret? It's what your clients love about you.

I love my broad communications-based skillset. Let's talk about what's needed to bring your message alive.


And a serve of old-fashioned intuition.

What clients are saying

Flexibility for small business works



I’ve been doing my own marketing for 24 years. 

Vicki saw my business from a new perspective, and our new website shows it.

Our clients and suppliers love it.

Chris Jarvis, Chris Jarvis Bathroom Renovations


Our favourite comment about the website and social media is a parent's personal experience of the service described on her post:

"Everything they say on their website is true!"

What more could you want?


Pilates teacher demonstrating pose with midlife clients
Humanise your website


Vicki has a way of explaining that makes the content process so easy to understand.

And we love the photos.

Bonnie Cunial, Fabulous Physical Fun, Pilates and Personal Training

Revitalise your business.

What's your priority today?


  • Personal Image Branding

  • Web Images

  • Social Media Custom Image Library

  • Personal Image Branding

  • Web Images

  • Social Media Custom Image Library


  • Photography

  • Content Strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Lead Magnets

  • Photography

  • Content Strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Lead Magnets


Words that work. Leads. Conversions. Sales.

Today's World: Acute communication challenges in your business.

Strategies for today and beyond.


Words that work. Leads. Conversions. Sales.

Today's World: Acute communication challenges in your business.

Strategies for today and beyond.


Before you amplify, take a look at the Big Picture.
Before you amplify, take a look at the Big Picture.


  • Content Strategy for sales and conversions
  • Content Strategy in Today's World. Handling a crisis.
  • Photography Training
  • Management


  • Content Strategy for sales and conversions
  • Content Strategy in Today's World. Handling a crisis.
  • Photography Training
  • Management


Personal Image Branding (2)
There are clients out there who really get you.
There are clients out there who really get you.
Personal Image Branding
Samford art trails artist Janina

COPYWRITING. Words that work.

It's more than words. More than facts about your product or service.

The secret is to articulate your value.

How do you even find that?

Get in touch with what your clients really love about you.

And tell that story.

That's what they value.

I know that from your perspective, immersed in your business, it's nearly impossible to find.

Even if you were looking for it.

I'll find it.

It's how your passion for your business shines through. It's a feeling between the lines.

It's heart and efficiency all rolled in together.

Social Media

We'll take all the elements that create your credibility, and use them in social media and communicating with clients

You've already got great content - let's get it working hard for you. Seamlessly.

Personal Image Branding (1)

Social Media in today's world.

Crisis Communication Response: COVID 19
Custom images, custom content

When you are in the middle of a crisis and receiving testimonials like this, it's time to acknowledge it with some special attention.

This how to use social media to build credibility with story-telling content and images. This strong visual concept and tone was created just for the client-a childcare service.

It started with a hand-written testimonial received from parents (delivered along with boxes of French pastries for the staff). And lots of good vibes.

(Crisis Communication Strategy for the client by Vicki Yen.)

Image of child dreaming. Image by Vicki Yen
Custom Image: Vicki Yen for childcare.
testimonial for a chilcare service re their excellent COVID Response.
Add value to a testimonial.

Social Media Management

Social Media: CONFUSED? OVERWHELMED? Tried it but it didn't work?...

There's so many options when it comes to connecting with your dream clients.

You don't need them all.

You just need the options that work for you.

I'll take the mystery out of it for you. We'll make a plan. Identify what fits.

And get it working.

Yoga fitness photography
Strong. Fit. Fabulous. Over 40. Vicki Yen Photo
Vicki on location shooting socials.

Stand out with your Personal IMAGE LIBRARY on your Social Media

Reach your target audience with powerful custom images I'll create for you.

*Ask about special rates for Social Media Image Packages.

STRATEGY. It's Step One.

A bit of Big Picture Thinking.

What is the message between the lines?

Not getting the leads and type of client you want?

The worst thing is you really don't know what isn't working?

Start with a chat about your strategy: what you are doing, when, and how often. And what is the message between the lines.

Then you've got a powerful mix of communication tools and assets that you're just not using.

Time to change that.

Many small businesses simply don't know how to pull it all together to make it work. 

That's no surprise-it's a whole different skillset. (Every big organisation has a whole department of communication specialists.)

Seeing the big-picture perspective-that's my specialty.

Let's shine a light on your strengths: you're believable, relatable, credible.

Looking great.

Let's connect with the spirit of your business, and you.

This is my business, and I love to work with other small, micro and heart-centered solo businesses.

I get what your needs are. 

I can see it.

I get so excited about it.

And what you and I can do together.

Image Branding for women in business
Hi I'm Vicki Yen. Let's get you online and visible.

Why do you need Personal Image Branding?  Introducing relatable you.

You are the one who adds value to this business.

Own it.

You want your business to be more visible? More accessible? It starts with you.

Show your real, authentic self in the photos-the person your clients meet and relate to.

I'll do my photo-journalist style of shooting featuring natural light. When you're in a location you love, it's easy to feel good. And it shows.

The word "authentic" gets thrown around a lot.

Maybe you've never really liked the idea of having your photo taken (yes, like most of us, including me-I get so stiff in front of a camera!)

Find out what it's like to say:

Yes, I love that shot - that feels like me...

woman who is a small business owner
Introducing relatable you.

Everybody tells you to create "awesome content".

They just don't tell you how to do it.

Here's 5 Things to Look For.

1. Start with this thought:

So many small business owners are so immersed in the process of the business, they lose track of what their clients love about them.

I'll find it for you.

Just like your unique business, copywriting that works is a specialist skill.

I'll build that bridge between you and your audience.


2. Discover SEO magic.

SEO is based on the words people use to search for you.

I'll seamlessly source SEO elements and add it to your content and visual branding. We're uncovering resource gems in the process so building content is easy.


3. Is this the best part?

What if you can stop pushing so hard to get your message out there.

Stop spending more and more money on tools to amplify and push a message. 


4. Here's my TIP to save you money:

Take a step back from the promotional tools for a minute. What if you are paying to amplify a message that doesn't work?


5. What do you think about this idea:

The right message will draw clients to you.

The clients who really get you.

What do small business owners need to know about content?

PHOTOGRAPHY for creatives

rtist Wendy Bailys from Brisbane stands with her felt art piece.
Internationally reknown textile artist Wendy Bailye photographed for her exhibition.

PHOTOGRAPHY for your niche market

Fabulous Over 40 Yoga fitness photos
Fabulous Over 40 Yoga Fitness Photos.
Vicki Yen Photo. Women mean Business
Vicki Yen Photo. Women mean Business


I'm not a techie person.

I'm a communications person.

A big picture person. A photographer coming from freelance, media and corporate writer worlds.

It means I see the details that matter as well as that big picture.

And what does that mean for you?

A beautiful, kind client said:  "Vicki really knows how to have the message speak across all dimensions".

First I'll find your core, strongest message. It's there already, just waiting for you to discover it. (And you know it's amazing what a different perspective can uncover.)

You've already got what it takes.

Next, I'll find the tools and the ways to make this refreshed approach work for you.

What are you going for? Clients who love your website.

Want to explore. Want to know more about your business and you.

And want to come back.


Small business Big marketing

Here's your Five Steps to Credibility: 

  1.  Be clear about what you want to achieve.
  2.  Unearth your greatest strength.
  3.  Create a consistent message.
  4.  Solve the problems that really matter to your dream client.
  5.  Discover Timing. Delivering the right message. At the right time. Using the right tool.

You're developing a consistent client experience.

That's building credibility.


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Are you building your own Leaning Tower of Pisa with your content?

Brick by brick, dollar by marketing dollar getting more and more off track?

It's time to get clear about what you want to achieve.

Maximise every tool. Every option.

Every contact to build your credibility.

Then market that.

I'll show you how to get there.

I love to make images for work. And for play.

Women Mean Business

  • New business. New Image. New energy. 
  • Image Branding, Web Updates, Revive your Presence
  • Create Your Social Media Advantage
  • Claim your identity in your niche
  • State your authority.
TJ Accounting Award-winning new business team
TJ Accounting Award-winning new business team

It's not just about creating more and more content.

Find the link to make your content more efficient.

The First Step

Book your free 20 Minute Find Your Missing Link -  Discover Hardworking Content Session.   

Yes, it's no obligation.

Are you a DIY content creator? Stuck in a marketing logjam?

Maybe a different perspective can help?

Let's talk content and results.

  • Do you know your options?
  • What strategies are working in your industry?
  • What are the subtleties and strategies the big corporate communications projects use to unlock your marketing flow? They work for small business, too.

This practical, action-oriented chat might just be the kickstart you need.

Let's get the RETHINK STARTED. *I only keep 2 time slots available most weeks.


Is Your Home Page Copy Killing Your Business?

Special Offer 

Website results letting you down?

Where's the log jam?

Let's find it. 

Are you making all the basic mistakes that get in the way of your website content actually delivering for you?

Action Audit of your Website Content and Strategy only $195*

Call now to book your  Custom Action Audit of your website.

I'll get you started with a 5 Point Checklist.

Then when we get together via Zoom we'll review the key content touchpoints for web performance.

  1. Your Key Message-are you on the right track?
  2. Your SEO
  3. The secrets to creating content that converts
  4. Tips how to recognise powerful content- so you can create your own
  5. Images - the 5 powerful things about choosing and adding images that most just people don't know (as a photographer I really love this bit).

Your 40 minute Web Action Call will deliver:

  1. a review of your main home page and your core website content direction.
  2. step you through the action tips that will power-up you site
  3. shine a light on the areas of your business you should be talking about
  4. get you working on really creating content.



Session Goals:

  • Get a better understanding of the specific things that make web content more efficient for you.
  • Focus on the unique results you are after.
  • You'll definitely take away tips and actions you can jump onto straight away.

This is a hands-on session, where we'll dive into the key content touchpoints for web performance that few people tell you about.

Special limited time offer. Places limited. Conditions apply*