Where’s your content taking you?

Are you building your dream, or a Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Your small business started with a dream.

But now?

Does it feel like you’re constantly compromising? Compensating as you go along?

If your foundations for content marketing were not on track – will you “end up where you’re going”?

When it comes to results from your content creation efforts, where exactly are you today?

Solid? Happy with your progress?

Or does it feel like you are constantly adjusting just to stay upright? Do you ever sit back and wonder, what are we actually building here?

Is your content plan like the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Where is your content creation taking you?

The Tower seems to teeter on an edge. Precarious. Defying gravity. Impossibly angled. Defying logic.

Sound familiar?

Lots of effort, money and expertise goes in. There’s momentum. And there seems to be progress.

But somehow, the Tower ended up, well, not quite where they planned.

What about your results, is your business where you planned? 

Do you even know how you got there? 


Where did the Tower go off the rails?

Right from the beginning, it seems. Researchers identified that right from the foundations, the builders were adjusting the size of the bricks to compensate for a lean. It seems they just kept compensating and compensating. They were committed to the project. They had no option but to get the job done.  And they just kept going.


I wonder how many small businesses feel like this?  

Is it a bit of a mystery how you got there?


Do you know how to change direction?


If you think of content as your tool to build something, then you have what it takes to choose your direction.


You want to get your ideal clients to your door.

How? The content you create is building a bridge with information. A custom-made pathway so your clients can find you. Connect with you. Make decisions about you. Choose you.

It’s an active path. Moving. Changing. Adapting.

But it does need a solid foundation.

And you are in charge of building and maintaining it.

If you’re not getting the results you want, why not?

You think your content says: This is why you should pick me.

Are your results showing you it doesn’t?



Here’s 4 quick Do-It-Now Tips for Content Creation:

  1. Think about when you started your business, when you first wrote your content:
  • What’s changed?
  • Whether it was a few months ago, or a few years – what do you know now, that you didn’t know then?
  • Think about the core ideas, facts and assumptions about clients and the business.
  • What can you reinforce; adjust; fortify when it comes to that first row of foundation stone?
  • What can you see now, that you couldn’t see then?

For so many small business owners, they are so immersed in the day-to-day of their business, they just don’t see the big picture anymore.

  1. The answer is build content that connects.
  2. How?  It all starts with the “what”.

What are you talking about? What are you deliberately trying to amplify?

So before you put more effort into the tools to amplify your message, there’s some questions for you:

What matters? What do clients want to know? What’s in the foundation of the message?

4. Get that message sorted then move to amplifying.


Content communicates and connects

If you think of content in all its forms as a tool for connection, then it immediately becomes responsive, flexible. And most of all…active.

Well, most of all, it’s yours.

You’re at the wheel.

Are you constantly compensating and accommodating? Teetering? Finely balanced?

Or are you clear and in charge?

Where’s your content taking you?

It’s up to you.

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