PowerUp the words,  the visuals,

the whole strategy.


for SMALL and micro BUSINESS, and Solo Entrepreneurs


Maximise the Content you Create

You can get creative on a small budget by creating communication tools and resources to share online, and to give directly to clients.

It's an efficient way to build your credibility and maximise all the options to connect.

Isn't it time to get away from the tyre kickers, and attract the client you really want?

It's all about the message you send.


Creative Writing 

Copywriting for your:

  • web
  • magazine articles
  • newsletters to your clients
  • powerful email sequences.

There's a technique to take your tacit knowledge, and convert it into the conversation your clients can relate to.

And respond to.


Social Media is effective, but not easy.

Your credibility is at stake. There's a writing technique that works. Get on board.

You've got better things to do with your time.

It's not just writing, it's

  • researching
  • planning
  • custom photography
  • researching image libraries and industry authorities
  • and knowing what makes a good story.

Are QUOTES your Lifeblood? 

Copywriting to maximise your conversions

For TRADIES. SERVICE providers.

What difference would a higher conversion rate on your quotes make to your bottom line?

And not just Quotes you supply to clients, your direct client contact systems, answering your email leads and phone calls.

Think about all your client touch points.

The whole jigsaw puzzle of client contact.


To support your credibility, and your marketing strategy.

It's time to humanise your business.

I'll show you how.


ACTION TIP:  Are you just starting up a business?

Or a new website?

Here's a tip:

Plan your content first.

There's so many great value " drop-in-and-go" web templates available.

If you know what you are trying to display on your web, you'll save a lot of time and money getting the right web structure that will display it.

  • Are you working with a developer?

There's some great web developers around, and some good package deals.

  • But they need YOU to provide the content, manage it, guide its direction.

Many new businesses under-estimate the time demands and what's involved when it come to creating content that works.

Work on your content first. 

Then start looking where to house it. 



What does your content mix look like?

Map showing the steps in content marketing strategy

Let's Powerup Your Whole Marketing System Today

Start with your Content Gems.


Invigorate everything else in your marketing mix.

Are QUOTES the lifeblood of your business?

Are they driving you crazy?

Do you use the 3 Step Process most businesses use ? Find out why it doesn't work.

You can use your content differently - to achieve a higher conversion rate on your quotes.

And win more of the jobs you really want.

Find out how.

Photography for your business: Find out what every small business needs to know

When it comes to images: how do you achieve best value for your time and money?

I'm a professional photographer, so let's get practical. Most blogs and discussions about images tell you WHAT you should be doing. 

I'll show you HOW to achieve it.

  • How many hours do you waste searching around for images online?
  • Are you commissioning a professional photographer?
  • DIY photographer? Do you love adding your own images to your web gallery using your CMS system? Can you tell if they are adding value to your site and your social media? Or not?

          It's time to learn the tips to powerup your own images.

Special Offer 

Website results letting you down?

Where's the log jam?

Let's find it. 

Are you making all the basic mistakes that get in the way of your website content actually delivering for you?

Action Audit of your Website Content and Strategy only $195*

Call now to book your  Custom Action Audit of your website.

I'll get you started with a 5 Point Checklist.

Then when we get together via Zoom we'll review the key content touchpoints for web performance.

  1. Your Key Message-are you on the right track?
  2. Your SEO
  3. The secrets to creating content that converts
  4. Tips how to recognise powerful content- so you can create your own
  5. Images - the 5 powerful things about choosing and adding images that most just people don't know (as a photographer I really love this bit).

Your 40 minute Web Action Call will deliver:

  1. a review of your main home page and your core website content direction.
  2. step you through the action tips that will power-up you site
  3. shine a light on the areas of your business you should be talking about
  4. get you working on really creating content.



Session Goals:

  • Get a better understanding of the specific things that make web content more efficient for you.
  • Focus on the unique results you are after.
  • You'll definitely take away tips and actions you can jump onto straight away.

This is a hands-on session, where we'll dive into the key content touchpoints for web performance that few people tell you about.

Special limited time offer. Places limited. Conditions apply*